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Wednesday 11 July 2018
11:00 – 18:30

The Assembly Room, Grimsby Town Hall

We are hosting a community exhibition to present
our latest offshore wind farm projects in the Humber region, Hornsea Project One and Two.

Rewarding role

Meet our Construction Project Manager for the onshore substation, Richard Swann. He takes pride in the fact his job helps build something that can be seen which has real benefits.


A Sustainable work life

I started working as a Principal Contractor for the Westermost Rough onshore substation, and enjoyed it so much that after successful delivery I joined another project, Burbo Bank as a Construction Manager. Today, I'm managing the delivery of the onshore substation from a green field to a fully commissioned and operational substation.

Powering your potential

To become a Construction Manager you need experience and knowledge built up over time. A degree in a construction related topic is a good starting point and from there look to join a company that is recognised for investing in their employees, that will give you the right training and experience to advance your career.

Rewarding role

A Sustainable work life

Powering your potential

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